Travis Norris Realtor (858) 348-5590

With over 18 years of experience in sales management and financial operations, Travis has a proven record of successfully and strategically serving clients. He joined Martins Realty Group because of their extensive network and commitment to customer satisfaction. A voracious realtor, he is passionate about facilitating the best deal for each client’s individualized needs.

His experience is extensive. For 12 years, Travis was Founder and CEO of THN Lending, a premier financing institution, which was acquired by Silver Hill Mines, Inc., a publicly traded company. He founded BlueTextDirect, a digital marketing agency. And he launched Deals In Jackson Hole, an e-commerce platform, which was acquired in 2017.

Known as an ambitious, savvy, and entrepreneurial professional offering a blend of international experience and formal training, Travis is a conscientious realtor with strong organizational skills and thorough, unbridled business-centric capabilities.


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